I see by Mark Ballard's recent front-page story that our Secretary of State Tom Schedler has joined the ranks of so many other states in obstructing the president's attempts at draining the swamp of voter fraud.

Once again the politicians are "politicizing" what they profess the president's commission has politicized. Ask most Americans on the sidewalk if they want this commission to investigate voter fraud, and they will tell you yes.

For whatever reason, it needs to be done. Judicial Watch basically says that they have tons of evidence that proves voter fraud is rampant in our country. Most people in this country want to be able to trust our voting system. If half the country right now believed in it, at least they would have to accept that Donald Trump is the president. So why fight this so vehemently? What is it that Schedler and the others are trying to hide? Are they afraid of what will come out about how they got elected, how everybody in office right now got elected? I don't really know.

All I know is that voting is a privilege and not a right. I want to know that everyone who is voting in any election, be it presidential or gubernatorial or dogcatcher is an honest-to-God registered voter.

I am a citizen and a registered voter. I haven't missed voting in an election in years. It is something I feel that I need to do in order to make my voice heard. It's hard to know that my voice might be drowned out by an illegal voter, that my vote is canceled out by someone who shouldn't even be voting. I know many people who don't vote, and why don't they vote? They tell me, my vote doesn't count anyway. That's just sad.

And there's proof they may be right. Let's take that question mark away from voting. Let's go ahead and comply with the president's commission and give it the information it needs. Let's do that so from now on, we can believe that the people actually did vote a person into office. Mr. Schedler, just give the president's commission what it wants, and then we can all believe in at least one part of our government again.

Geri Teasley