John Treen at his campaign headquarters in Old Metairie. He was running against David Duke for state representative in 1989.

On April 22, Jim Donelon furnished the details of the life of his friend the late John Treen. He proved he is a typical politician by bending the truth of the outcome of that election between Treen and David Duke in 1989. Donelon said we were racist to support Duke.

I used to live in that district on Labarre Drive. Yes, we voted for Duke. Donelon knows the truth: Treen wanted to get rid of the $75,000 homestead exemption on property taxes so that there would be that much more money for the pork barrel. Duke said, "That $75,000 exemption is your share of the oil and gas revenue from the state of Louisiana. I will never vote to take that away from the people."

This information was withheld from then-Vice President George H.W. Bush. He got on national TV and talked about how racist and stupid the people in that district must be to support Duke, who was the former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. It was a local race for the House seat but if the election had been for governor, the people of Louisiana would have supported Duke in order to keep that $75,000 tax exemption on their homes.


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