I understand and agree with the Phase 1 decision for front-line hospital workers, first responders, etc. For Phase 2, the decision seems clear to me, if one is to follow the science.

At the outset of the pandemic, the reason for the shutdown of our economy and other extreme measures was to keep hospitals from being overrun and be better able to save lives. Remember “flatten the curve?”

We now know who are most likely to be hospitalized and die from the novel coronavirus and that is those over age 64 and those with extreme co-morbidities. If our goal remains the same, to keep hospitalizations and deaths to the lowest levels possible, then this is the only group who should be in the second phase of vaccination.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Louisiana Department of Health statistics, more than 80% of all deaths from COVID-19 are age 65 and older. The government keeps saying to follow the science and vaccinations for citizens over 64 is clearly following the science.

There are several groups now lobbying and pressuring Gov. John Bel Edwards to be next in line for the vaccination, and his answer to them can be simple. Teachers, grocery workers, lawyers, etc. who are over 64 and/or have co-morbidities are eligible for the vaccine. All others in those groups, as in any other group, who do not meet the age and health requirements, must wait for the next phases for a vaccine. The odds of hospitalization and death is highest among our older citizens and they should be vaccinated first.

If the government keeps saying it is following the science and wants to reduce hospitalizations and deaths, Phase 2 should put the most vulnerable first for the vaccine.


retired dental receptionist