In reference to how to equitably divide the funds available for 2016-2017, may I suggest a slight change?

Our family currently has one student planning to graduate from LSU in May 2017 and another who will graduate from Benjamin Franklin High School next month.

It seems it would be easier for the youngest to take a gap year and work to help pay for college than it would be for the elder to take a year off when she’s so close to finishing.

Rather than give every eligible student 50 percent, how about giving seniors everything they were promised?

We’ve had to pay more each year since she started in 2013. Tuition stays the same, TOPS stays the same, but fees go up and their names get more inventive. In fact, TOPS has yet to pay for spring 2016.

We don’t know whether we can get enough federal loans to pay LSU next year.

Pamela Rieth

teaching assistant

New Orleans