It’s really quite funny how the oil industry acts like a victim when it is subjected to even the threat of a lawsuit from any party injured by their actions. Everyone who has spent time fishing, hunting or just sightseeing in south Louisiana can witness the damage done to our coast by the oil industry. We really don’t need proof beyond what our eyes can show us. And this is damage that really does affect every single person in Louisiana.

The root problem is that giant corporations like Exxon, Chevron and Shell act as though their primary responsibility is to their stockholders and not to the society that enabled their huge financial successes. They act as though making even more money is more important than being a good (corporate) citizen. It is the mantra of a criminal mindset, and that particular mindset is the single greatest problem in America today, from top to bottom.

If the oil industry really did concern itself with the welfare of Louisiana, it would have fought coastal erosion from day one. The way that I understand it, they were bound by contract to maintain those canals and waterways, but they just didn’t do it. Now that Cameron Parish has brought forth its perfectly justified lawsuit, the oil industry responds with a ‘poor, poor, pitiful me’ whine. Says Chris John, of the Louisiana Oil and Gas association, “It’s getting to the point where oil and gas companies will have to spend more on legal fees than drilling budgets in Louisiana.” Sounds perfectly fair to me.

Chris, let me explain something to you. If your industry hadn’t spent the better part of a century raping our beautiful state in order to get at our resources for your profit, you wouldn’t be faced with such outrageous lawsuits from the people you’ve harmed — the good citizens of Louisiana. Time to man up and pay the piper.

John Kennedy