No gaps in understanding: Here's your primer on Medigap Coverage

Medigap covers some or all of the out-of-pocket costs associated with Medicare, minimizing the financial risk to seniors.

My husband and I are in our late 70s and have Medicare coverage. It has been proposed that Medicare should be for everyone. We have paid the Medicare taxes since 1965 when it was initiated, and because we still have earned income, we continue to pay the taxes. In addition, since we also have Medicare Part B and Part D, we also make monthly payments for these coverages.

We also carry Blue Cross and Blue Shield to cover the 20 percent Medicare does not cover. All of this amounts to a considerable amount of money. We have earned this coverage.

Letters: Medicare for all is just socialism

It seems that the “Medicare for all” proponents would not require recipients to pay any back tax payments nor monthly premiums but would get “free” coverage. This would be just another burden on taxpayers and a gift to those who have not paid. Doctors receive less for Medicare patients than for private insurance carriers, which allows them to accept Medicare insurance. If they got paid less for every patient, they could not be in practice since they couldn’t pay their bills — office staff, rent, malpractice insurance, etc. If the desire is for socialized medicine, no one will have good care.

If someone cannot afford medical insurance, they should be covered under Medicaid, which has been abused by allowing people to use emergency rooms for general problems instead of requiring them to make appointments like non-Medicaid patients do. If I go to an emergency room for a sore throat, I will have to pay out of pocket. But, from what I understand, the Medicaid recipients will not. More personal responsibility should be the first requirement for any coverage. Also, no insurance should pay for abortions where the baby is killed or left to die.

Elsa Nichols


New Orleans