Regarding Civil War monuments in New Orleans:

1. Of the four monuments, it is most desirable that the Jefferson Davis should be the first one to be removed. Since he was president of the Confederacy, he shares most of the blame.

2. Lee Circle and the statue should stand for abolition of slavery and the justice fought for, and hence renamed JUSTICE Circle. General Lee’s statue could be removed, and a simple finial be placed on the top.

3. Beauregard’s handsome statue should remain, but renamed. It should be dedicated as a memorial to both sides of the Civil War. A new plaque should replace the present one with no mention of Gen. Beauregard…After the 1930s Spanish Civil war, Franco erected a very impressive memorial for the casualties of both sides in that dreadful conflict. I found this most civilized, and believe that this could a model for reconciliation…besides being very frugal.

Marietta S. Herr