For months, Louisiana citizens have called upon their elected representatives to use their constitutional powers to reopen the state. Shutdowns have proven to be worse than the virus in many situations. The inconsistency and bias against certain businesses has shown that decision making was never based on science but instead politics.

In March, the slogan was “Two weeks to flatten the curve.” In response, schools shut down, nursing homes stopped allowing visitors and numerous businesses shut their doors forever. Louisiana has suffered greatly in the name of “be a good neighbor.”

As the governor repeatedly extended mandates, citizens realized the gravity of the situation. In response, groups took to the State Capitol in hopes of being heard and to make a difference. Many were concerned about a plethora of issues like job loss, education, sports, masks, and vaccines. After seeing the governor had no interest in understanding our desperation, there was a petition filed to recall him.

The governor backed a lot of momma bears into a corner. His mandates severely impacted children, their education, sports, and other recreational activities. Children are falling behind academically. They have been robbed of all normalcy. Data continues to show they are not super-spreaders of COVID-19.

Seven months of this charade was long enough. Representatives received countless emails, phone calls, and visits from constituents. Their job is to represent the people. Thankfully, they did just that when they signed a petition to reopen the state and trusted the people to decide which risks they were willing to take.

This is what I hear from my neighbors, also concerned mothers: “So thankful for the representatives that have been pushing for constituents’ constitutional rights since May. It's been an eye opening process for many of us on how things work in the Senate and the legislative branch.”

“Thank you all for truly having your finger on the pulse of the people of Louisiana, especially in times such as this. Thank you for listening to your constituents and standing up in the face of adversity to fight for me, my family, and my state.”

“Thank you for enduring the stress, long work hours and media smears. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“I appreciate the members of the House who signed the original (Rep. Alan) Seabaugh (R-Shreveport) petition in May. It took a while to gain signatures of the majority but our Republicans got the job done with the recent House petition. We will never forget that our Senate did nothing to terminate the public health emergency.”

“I am grateful the House finally signed and realized this huge concern that the governor can trample on our constitutional rights unchecked.”