I am writing this letter to express my disappointment in The Advocate’s decision to print an article that was insensitive to a young man who has been a contributing member of the LSU football team and a member of our community for the last four years.

Your article “Passing on glory” had the largest headline on the front of the Sports Section on Nov. 15, the Thursday before LSU’s last home game. I believe it was inconsiderate to write about a senior football player who was looking forward to his last game in Death Valley, but was criticized in the article right before being recognized on Senior Day.

The individual’s name is not as important as the issue of your decision to publish the article in the first place. The writer obviously was not worried about the feelings of the player nor was he interested in expounding on the many positive aspects of this person’s character, dedication and achievements as a student athlete. A “thank you” and “congratulations” would have been more appropriate.

Looking back at what “should have been,” is what is written about those who waste their talents through bad decisions, which, unfortunately, there have been a few of recently. A newspaper that serves its local community has to tell the bad news when it occurs, but it doesn’t have to create negative articles to grab attention. You, as the editor, make the decision on what is published and you also have the ability to establish high standards for your writers.

Try taking your paper to a higher level instead of following the sensational reporting that many media outlets use to increase their readership. My guess is that it would be appreciated and noticed by most.

Mark Montgomery

business owner

Baton Rouge