Jake Orfanello’s comments on April 23 on how citizens should act when stopped by the police are amazing. I thought the police’s motto was “to protect and serve.”

Orfanella’s comments seem to indicate that we, the citizens, should fear for our safety and act very cautiously as to not excite the police. There is much in policing that needs to change and much starts with us, the citizens, in our expectations of the police.

As I watched the police actions on Jan. 6 in the riot on the U.S. Capitol, I saw police doing what I would hope should be how police should act. They protected our representatives and senators as well as all government employees in that building that day at the risk of their own safety.

In that horrific fray, only one shot was fired against their attackers — one shot. One hundred and forty police persons were injured and five persons died yet the police fired only one shot. They really did live by the motto of “protect and serve.”

If police in the Capitol acted as they did under those circumstances then we should expect no less from police throughout our states and we should demand that we get it.


retired educator

New Orleans

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