The amount of standardized assessment testing that’s going on in our public schools is getting out of hand.

I went to private school for elementary and middle school, and I remember hating the one week in the spring when we had to take standardized tests. Clearly I was spoiled because these kids are now taking standardized tests throughout the entire school year. Let’s not forget about our teachers either. They’re having to sacrifice precious instructional time, and possibly their sanity, to administer these tests. No one is benefiting from this. The students are going to be so over-tested by the time the consequential tests come around in the spring that they aren’t going to care.

This is not only going to affect the kids, but also the teachers whose jobs are impacted by how the students perform. Something needs to be done about this. I understand that test scores can be a valuable tool for gauging how well students are performing, but our kids and teachers are not robots. They don’t need standardized tests to gauge performance. That’s why they have quizzes and exams on the material that’s actually being taught in class. Let’s trust our teachers. I guarantee they have a significantly better idea on how their students are performing than a standardized test can measure.

Jacob Dileo

network specialist

Baton Rouge