Abortion rights supporters, opponents hold dueling rallies at Governor’s Mansion, Capitol _lowres

Advocate staff photo by BILL FEIG -- Raegan Carter with Planned Parenthood of Louisiana, speaks at the lectern as abortion rights advocates rally in front of the Governor's Mansion Thursday morning June 2, 2016, in response to anti-abortion legislation that has passed this session.

I figure I am wasting my time writing this response because for as long as I have received The Advocate the commentary 95% of the time lean to the left, especially on the abortion issue. Once again, you have Carol Miles condemning Gov. John Bel Edwards for signing the abortion heartbeat bill. She claims that there is "mounds of evidence-based research that exists on how to reduce abortions."

Letters: John Bel Edwards supporter wonders why he signed abortion bill

If this is the fact, then why aren't the pro-choice public using this evidence to reduce abortions? The number one way to reduce abortions, is very simple and it's called contraceptives. This is definitely not about control and power, and pro-lifers are not hypocrites. It is about the sanctity of human life for all races. Every person is surely entitled to their feelings and life experiences, but they can't use them to justify the killing of a human life. Women need to be responsible for their bodies and their actions before a baby is conceived.

A basic lesson in life is that all actions have a consequence good or bad so think about your actions. Unborn babies also have a right to be born into this world and there is mounds of evidence that prove that. After all we were all babies that were born.

Sharon Hymel

office manager