Regarding Stephanie Grace’s column, “Vitter is peddling a change in spots”:

If Grace is attempting to disparage David Vitter with her catty remarks, she has only succeeded in endearing him to me. Her points include:

He pressured the Louisiana Legislature to adopt term limits — thank you, David!

He helped expose the abuse of Tulane scholarships — thank you again!

He opposed Congress getting subsidized health care while others must accept “Obamacare” — hooray!

He opposed Loretta Lynch’s nomination — this was to emphasize how bad Eric Holder was.

She omitted that Hillary Clinton must really dislike him because he opposed and held up her nomination as secretary of state.

He did this because he said he was afraid there might be a conflict of interest with her husband’s foundations. Vitter is not only smart; he also is prophetic! Thank you, Ms. Grace.

Lauranel Bates

insurance business, retired