Like thousands of others, I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s Spanish Town Parade, a great parade with great weather — for a change. I’m writing today in response to Lt. Don Kelly’s “Ask the Advocate” response to the recent police incident following the Spanish Town Parade. I know Lt. Kelly and respect his position as the mouthpiece for the Baton Rouge Police Department, no doubt a demanding and difficult job.

However, I along with my kids and friends, witnessed firsthand the hasty and dangerous response by the BR police to the post-parade altercation between a couple of revelers and a police officer. We were on the corner of North Boulevard and Fourth Street as we witnessed a number of police cars speeding through downtown placing bystanders and parade-goers at risk. Frankly speaking, it looked like all hell had broken loose — a helicopter hovering above, mounted police galloping, vehicles screaming by, people scared etc., etc.

I disagree with Lt. Kelly’s statement (that the police responded without injuring anyone) “proves that they exercised great care and concern for the safety of everyone in the area.” It appeared that this time the “concern and great care” that Lt. Kelly spoke to gave way to tunnel vision, a lead foot and total disregard for pedestrians and parade-goers. My hope is that a little more communication, discretion and caution be used in the future.

William “Bill” Sherman

video producer/journalist

Baton Rouge