Protesters cheer and clap after rousing speeches during a pre-Bayou Bridge Pipeline Hearing protest outside the Galvez Building Thursday.

In the August floods in Louisiana, my house received two feet of water. According to a Baton Rouge Advocate article, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration at Princeton University conducted a study finding that climate change played 'a significant role' in the amount of rainfall that caused the August floods. One thing the study noted was that the amount of rainfall was three times what Baton Rouge received from Katrina. 

During the permit hearing, it was stated that the Bayou Bridge pipeline that will run through the Atchafalaya basin will only create 12 permanent jobs. Is 12 permanent jobs worth two feet of water in YOUR house?Because of the slow thermal inertia of the climate system, it takes 30 to 50 years between the time greenhouse gases are emitted, and the time they actually begin changing the climate. So the greenhouse gases that played a significant role in the August floods were released into the air 30 to 50 years ago. 

The climate will continue changing 30 to 50 years after we stop emitting any and all greenhouse gases. Your children, your grandchildren, your great-grandchildren will already experience a more hostile, violent climate than anything you ever have. Do you want them to experience the bad climate they will already have, or one made even worse by the greenhouse gases created by the Bayou Bridge Pipeline built during your lifetime? For their sake, it is up to all of us to stop this pipeline.

Jeff Cobb

network operations analyst

Baton Rouge