Government Shutdown Trump

President Donald Trump speaks from the Oval Office of the White House as he gives a prime-time address about border security Tuesday, Jan. 8, 2018, in Washington. (Carlos Barria/Pool Photo via AP)

In her recent commentary, state Sen. Karen Carter Peterson is to be commended for toeing her party's line. Unfortunately, she apparently has been out of touch for the past two years. This shutdown is strictly due to the politics being played by the Democratic Party.

The simple fact is that the Democrats have still not gotten over the fact that an outsider, Donald Trump, won the election. The Democrats seem to hate Trump more than they love our country; period. Trump asked the experts on the ground what they need in order to protect our borders, and they said border barriers. He is asking for a total of $5.7 billion for border security. On Jan. 9, Trump asked in a closed-door meeting with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer if he gave Pelosi everything she wanted, would she negotiate funding for the border wall within 30 days under a continuing resolution.

Letters: GOP congressional members should do their jobs

She said no. That’s why he walked out. That’s why he is leveraging the other agencies that are shut down to force the Democrats to negotiate. Homeland Security by itself will never get fully funded by the Democrats even though they have supported it in the past. Our country spends $85 billion to support those already here illegally, according to a Heritage Foundation report. That money pays for free education, health care, housing, food stamps, etc.

The Democrats took an oath when they were sworn in to serve and protect the people of the United States of America, not those here illegally. As an American taxpayer, I would much rather spend $5.7 billion on a border barrier to protect our southern border instead of $85 billion annually to take care of those in our country illegally. I have no problem with people from other countries coming to America to make a better life for themselves and their families.

However, come in and apply legally. Don't break the law and come in illegally, and then possibly commit further crimes against Americans. Since she chairs the Louisiana Democratic Party, I would think Peterson would be much better served to urge her colleague, U.S. Rep. Cedric Richmond, to do his job and support border security by funding the border barrier request and honor the commitment he made to serve and protect the people of the United States and not those here illegally. I will leave Peterson with this question: Why does the Democratic Party choose to serve and protect those here illegally over the American people? Is it because they see the potential of future votes to replace the votes they are losing as everyday, hard-working Democrats wake up to the fact that their party is only for the Democrat elites?

Jesse Pitre

retired, industrial sales