Your article on the 63 percent of locals shunning the Baton Rouge airport (BTR)really hit the mark.

My wife and I take two international vacations every year, one in February and one in October. And for the past 10 years, we’ve been renting a car one-way at the BTR airport and driving to Houston for the international nighttime flights.

There is nothing more frustrating to a flier than to see not one but two flights canceled due to lack of crew, weather, mechanical problems and a myriad of other excuses the local regional airlines provide for failure to show up and fly out in a timely manner.

By driving and dropping off the rental at IAH, we are assured that by avoiding I-10 and taking 190, we can arrive in plenty of time to see our international airplane waiting for us at the gate. Then we rent a car back to Baton Rouge and have a neighbor pick us up.

The BR airport has in the past spent millions of dollars as incentives to coerce several airlines to enter the market here, but all took our money and flew away after the honeymoon period was over.

Right now New Orleans has direct flights to Cancun in a little under 3 hours. Who would fly from here to IAH or ATL to go to CUN and take a chance on missing the first leg of the flight and perhaps the next flight, too?

Great article.

Robert and Barbara Ramey

retired, Gruen Wrist Watch Company