President Donald Trump holds a rally Friday, October 11, 2019, at the Civic Center in Lake Charles, La.

I worked for Gov. Dave Treen back in the late 1970s. My dad, a lifetime Democrat and Esso union worker, was not happy. The Republican Party was much different then and had many honorable representatives and ideals.

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Enter the Tea Party and the evangelical right (although Donald Trump has proved to have no religious beliefs and to be totally amoral). Add to that his strong ties to the NRA, support of white nationalists, total lack of empathy to victims of mass shootings and natural disasters, putting children of immigrants here illegally in cages, and Louisiana voters are still with him?

Add to that the fact he's on his third marriage, has paid off numerous women he's had affairs with and is seen on tape laughing about groping women in their private parts. Now, he has been accused of withholding aide to Ukraine unless its government agrees to investigate his 2020 Democratic rival, Joe Biden, and his son. Our foreign affairs in deep trouble, with North Korea continuing to test various missiles and Trump most recently pulling our troops from northern Syria, where Kurdish troops helped prevent ISIS from killing many residents of that area.

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Even many Republicans are in disagreement with Trump for leaving the Kurdish people to die as a result. Both Iran and Russia are happy to hear about this possible result. How does this in any way improve the United States in terms of foreign policy and responsibility? Trump's tariff wars also hurt our state. Look at the closing of Bayou Steel and what the tariff war will do to our ability to sell farm products overseas, as well to how these tariffs impact the overseas cargo the Port of New Orleans depends on.

We all, as Americans and citizens of Louisiana, need to go and vote in our state elections as well in the 2020 presidential elections. Please vote on where you want your state and country to go, and vote for candidates and issues to truly improve the quality of life for all citizens of our state and country, as well as those who come after us.

Carol Matheny Szakmary


New Orleans