Advocate Westside bureau chief Koran Addo's commentary printed Oct. 4 in The Advocate begs to question his intent to inform or perhaps partially inform his readers.

As he has done in numerous articles prior to his Inside Report column, Addo goes into painstaking detail to ensure that my federal court proceedings of August 2000 are regurgitated in great detail.

In the column, he attempts to draw a parallel between former Port Allen Mayor Derek Lewis and me. At issue is the failed request by former Mayor Lewis to collect six years worth of presumably unused vacation time. Addo points out that I was paid for a balance of unused vacation time upon my leaving, and he is correct. Any and all documentation, including time sheets and leave slips, was used in the computation of my payment, and it required no council action as Addo suggests. This was and still is standard operating procedure for all city employees, and it is an integral part of determining th

e city's financial statement as it pertains to budgeting. Former Mayor Lewis opted to forgo the use of leave slips and time sheets, which makes it virtually impossible to compute and deduct any accrued vacation time. He simply asked the City Council to cut him a check for $19,000.

Addo casually mentions the "flurry of lawsuits" the city recently has been subjected to, but he goes into no detail whatsoever as to what they are about or who is involved, and at what cost to the city. He instead chose to fill roughly one-third of his column with intricate details of my proceedings of 11 years ago.

In summation, Addo is supportive of the creation of a human resources department to deal with some of these issues. In other words, increase the size of city government, while most other federal, state and local governments are in a financial crisis and are struggling with depleting revenue.

I seriously question Addo's view on this, along with his selective coverage of critical issues that seem to escape his columns.

Adrian R. Genre

former police chief

Port Allen