As a member of the Livingston Parish Republican Party Executive Committee and an elected parish council member, I was asked by members to vote to censure U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy in his role as a juror in the Senate to determine if the trial was constitutional.

Both sides presented their case and the senator sided with most all of the constitutional expert scholars, former attorneys general and the majority of Congress. This upset me, having voted twice for former President Donald Trump and devastated when we lost the election.

My statement is not what everyone already knows but about the courage it took Cassidy to fulfill his duties to the American people. Cassidy a firsthand eyewitness on the ground when a mob tried to overthrow our government, is more than qualified to make this decision.

The senator never once said he would vote to impeach but did say he would listen to the evidence if there is any. If we are correct in stating there are consequences for our actions, like my opinion, Cassidy's vote or the role former president played, if any, in the attempt to overthrow our government then there will be consequences for all three of us.

Hopefully, former President Trump will not be convicted for an impeachable offense, but as I know firsthand it's much easier to do things political for our own ambitions but much harder to do them with courage regardless if the political establishment agrees or not.


parish councilmember