As a conservative voter, I must admit I find myself mystified that The Advocate wastes valuable commentary space (and money) employing Jeff Sadow. His column "Answering some Medicaid myths" is just another example of Sadow making up facts to fit his ugly world view.

He is an embarrassingly myopic and partisan. Sadow's (I refuse to call him "professor") world view can be summarized very simply as "Democratic equals bad, Republican equals good." This can hardly be called "commentary." It is nonsense.

I pity the students he teaches Louisiana government to as "associate professor." Huh? Talk about a contradiction in terms! Give me George Will or Charles Krauthammer any day! These are intelligent and thoughtful commentators who deserve space in The Advocate.

Sadow is a pathetic crank who is an embarrassment to the conservative cause. Fire him and trust me, you'll still have him in print —no doubt writing crackpot letters to the editor. At least he won't be on your payroll or taking up valuable commentary space or impugning the integrity of The Advocate.

Joseph John Marino


New Orleans