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A CATS bus rolls down the tree-canopied part of S. Eugene Street near Baton Rouge Magnet High School.

As Baton Rouge continues to invest in urban development and expansion, the necessity of investing in our Capital Area Transit System continues to be of the utmost importance.

We strive for a prosperous and thriving city for our residents. Further, we strive for a competitive city, one which attracts young talent to our growing workforce instead of losing them to our peer cities. To develop a prosperous and competitive city, we must build a transit system that works for everyone.

CATS is an essential partner with the city-parish government in developing the state’s first bus rapid transit service, which will support 39,000 jobs and create 11,000 new jobs for low-income households along the route. This new system will connect north and south Baton Rouge, and downtown, and spur redevelopment and new business investments along the route. This project will not only help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality, it will also provide affordable transportation to residents and visitors to our city.

Baton Rouge’s success and growth is tied to having a reliable transit system. All transit systems rely on locally generated revenue to support continued operations. By leveraging this local revenue to secure matched federal funding, CATS has proven to be a vital economic driver for the region. Renewing CATS’ primary funding source is a critical investment in our community, as well as our local economy.

Our city needs modern infrastructure and reliable transportation. This means supporting a well-funded transit system for continued urban development and equitable growth. A vote to renew this millage Nov. 13 is a vote to invest a better Baton Rouge.



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