In 2003, one would have been hard-pressed to find a stronger Bobby Jindal supporter than me. By 2007, I remained cautiously optimistic, but with the passage of time, I became more and more disillusioned and have even written prior letters to the editor quite critical of him.

Simply put, I questioned the level of his fiscal conservativeness (very important to me), and I detested his pandering to the perceived “moral superiority” crowd and those who seemingly despise diversity. I firmly believe that the two latter traits are, for any politician, a formula for disaster regarding national politics, and I believe the recent re-election of President Barack Obama demonstrates that fact.

Gov. Jindal’s recent proposal to abolish the Louisiana state income tax, however, will, I believe, cause his national political stock to skyrocket. I’ll turn 50 in September, and I have already been evaluating states in which I may live my “golden years” that don’t impose income taxes. To believe people don’t factor that aspect in their decisions is ludicrous.

With Louisiana outmigration goes not only the punitive income tax revenue the departing resident paid but also the sales taxes from all the restaurants at which he ate etc. Also, the income tax is nothing more than a mechanism for legalized vote-buying at the Legislature, entailing all of the exemptions, credits etc. that get handed out each year.

Gov. Jindal, upon getting his proposal to scrap this tax signed into law, truly will have demonstrated to the nation that he can be a fiscal conservative.

Heck, if he abolishes small boards and commissions like the Interior Design Board, which have been proven by well-respected scholars to be job-killers and oppressive to minorities (visit for details), his stock may even elevate to the level of a presidential contender, like outgoing Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels, who refused to even sign into law interior design licensing regulations.

Just like with stocks, which can fluctuate wildly with varying conditions, so can the political fortunes of politicians like Gov. Jindal. With his latest proposal to abolish Louisiana’s state income tax, I predict his national political stock is set to skyrocket!

Robert Edwin Burns

retired real estate auctioneer

Baton Rouge