Because it is impossible to completely isolate yourself from campaign ads, I have some thoughts about our candidates based on the ads I could not escape.

First, the candidates from both parties actively solicit support from special interest groups while condemning the special interests supporting their opponents, and never mention, or even acknowledge the existence of, the principle that all legislation should benefit the greater good of the tax paying citizen, not the special interests that finance their campaigns and lifestyles.

Second, the candidates of both parties ask for our votes not because they feel they are qualified or competent, but because they see themselves less pathetic than their opponents.

Third, the candidates of both parties are perfectly willing to lower themselves into the bowels of humanity when it comes to negative and vicious advertising about their opponents because they believe that a large percentage of the electorate is stupid enough to believe their attacks or uninterested enough to do the proper research to make an informed selection. No wonder they have no problem defunding education.

The more I listen to the garbage they put out the more I wish the suggestion my son made was a reality - that we would have the ability to vote against candidates as well as for candidates.

Bo Bienvenu