A master plan has been in effect for our Lafayette Parish Library System. Our library system had been fiscally responsible, “paying as you go,” to provide quality services for our parish. But in recent years our local politicians have gutted a viable library system, created a problem when there was not a problem, and now that our library system is in jeopardy, they want to swoop in and fix the problem they created and leave Lafayette Parish shortchanged and with an inferior library system.

When you do not renew a 2018 renewal millage, transfer funds from the library system for other uses, in 2019 roll back the library millage, all causing an average loss of $1.3 million per year — you are creating a problem.

If the renewal fails Saturday another $4 million revenue will be gone. Drastic actions will have to be taken, possibly closing certain library branches and failing to meet the needs for a library in northern Lafayette.

Our libraries are critical to our community. There are an average of 2,700 visits each day to our libraries. Return on investment is $9 for every dollar spent. Libraries increase property values. Our libraries help close the digital divide in our community and are a lifeline for many citizens.

Voting for renewal is just going to help stop the bleeding. More actions will be needed, like holding local politicians and local citizens who have a vendetta against the library system accountable.