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Gov. John Bel Edwards holds up four fingers to signify another four year term in office, flanked by his wife Donna Edwards, left, supporters and other family members at his election night celebration at the Renaissance Hotel in Baton Rouge, Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019. He had just been called the election winner over challenger Eddie Rispone.

I read the article by The Advocate's Adam Daigle titled, "Leaving Louisiana with a degree: College-educated residents going to Texas, and it's getting worse."

Leaving Louisiana with a degree: College-educated residents going to Texas, and it's getting worse

While this is not a new problem, the timing of this article is certainly too late as the recent election for governor was last month. This article should have been published prior to the election as one of the contenders had policies that addressed the problem that caused Louisiana to lose its ability to improve the economy, retain jobs, support investment and improve the incentives that cause companies to consider Louisiana for investment instead of Texas.

Leaving Louisiana with a degree: Why Colorado sees a growing number of Louisiana ex-pats

Good jobs are the main reason all people, as well as graduates, stay in Louisiana. The current governor, reelected for four more years, has policies that hinder all of that and have put Louisiana at a further disadvantage. Reducing tax incentives and making them more difficult to be provided is just one of those policies. Other things that are not being properly handled are state income taxes, education support, infrastructure, insurance costs, lawsuit costs by corporations. Your article pointed out the problems, but you offered no solutions to those problems. Could a change of leadership at state level changed the equation? I think it certainly could have made a difference. The results of the election, and observation of the results showing who supported the "status quo" or "change" show where the problems are. So next election, republish your article before the election, not after it.

Walter Weselak