How did you react to the Newtown, Conn., elementary school murders?

Did you experience a deep pain, as I did? Perhaps in our culture we value life and especially the lives of first-grade children — or do we? Incidents like this are rare, thank goodness. But in this nation of people sensitive to the welfare of our children, every day over 3,000 innocent unborn or partially born are sentenced to death under the banner of “women’s rights.”

Since 1973, when the Supreme Court voted to legalize abortion in Roe v. Wade, millions of our babies have been sacrificed at the “altar” of secularism. Those of us in this nation who follow the tenets of the Judeo-Christian faiths have great sorrow for these innocents who die each day. We cannot find in the Holy Bible where women are given the authority from God to kill their children. Nor can we find in the Holy Bible where men can be a party to this dark act.

Our national leaders cannot seem to come together to solve the financial crisis that threatens the security of our nation. So here we are, as citizens of the United States of America on this day in the year 2012, with our political leaders spending this nation into oblivion, and it is legal to murder our unborn. This puts us on a path to moral and financial disaster.

The question is this: Can this nation return to its God-based culture established by our forefathers in our founding documents, or will history record this is the point in time when the United States of America perished, as did ancient Rome and Greece because of its evil behavior? Who will step forward to lead this nation back to its founding principles? Will the majority of our citizens support this courageous leader?

Perhaps the 20 children who were slaughtered in their school in Newtown, Conn., will bring about a reversal in our nation’s soul. Is this when Americans came to realize that they were near the precipice, turned way from the “evil one” and returned this nation to its greatness in the eyes of the world and our heavenly father.

God bless American and God take care of our innocents.

E.E. deBessonet

retired teacher, coach, principal