Major changes are occurring within the LSU system. With the firing of a system president, the loss of the chancellor and two distinguished vice chancellors, as well as the constant struggle to retain good faculty and staff at LSU A&M, many in the community are welcoming these changes.

The LSU System Board is making the preparations to take bold steps to implement desperately needed structural changes: changes that would benefit the flagship as well as the entire LSU system. The system’s Board of Supervisors should be commended because of its efforts to build a stronger LSU foundation for years to come.

However, the LSU Board of Supervisors must ensure the involvement of students and faculty in the development of any restricting plans. President Williams Jenkins has effectively communicated with students and faculty through emails, forums and meetings thus far; however, he and the rest of the board must fully consider student and faculty input by adding one student and one faculty member to the primary Transition Advisory Team. Only then will the completed plan be by and of the LSU community and not just for it.

J. Ryan Hudson, LSU student

former student body president

Baton Rouge