Mayor LaToya Cantrell wears a mayor badge during a press conference to announce the launch of the CLEANUP NOLA initiative to fight litter in New Orleans, Monday, Sept. 17, 2018.

Regarding Nileta Fruge’s recent letter, “Make American beautiful again.”

Just wanted to add my two cents on what I have noticed, and what has happened to me on the interstate:

Letters: Not all litter is intentional, but it is preventable, ugly and damaging

1. A big sand truck was in front of me going 60 to 65 mph, and sand was coming out of the lowered tail gate onto my car and windshield. I got off at the next exit to report this. But there was no license plate on the truck.

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2. Fruge mentioned that truck drivers should cover the backs of their trucks if they have loose objects. Well, this pickup truck I was riding behind had a plastic chair that flew directly at my windshield. I was sure I’d be hit, but the wind took it over the top of my car. I know my guardian angel was watching over me and my car for sure.

3. I have noticed cigarette butts on the ground by driver’s side doors. People like to empty their ash trays at this spot at red lights.

4. Suggestion: When taking off the plastic that holds a six-pack of cola or other beverages, it would help to cut all the round holes with a scissors. I have read that ducks, etc., get their beaks caught in the plastic.

Lillian T. Sehrt

retired secretary