I’ve been on the wrong side of energy consumption, and now I’m changing sides. We shouldn’t drill in the Arctic, Alaska, the Gulf or anywhere else for that matter. We don’t need all this oil when we have the best renewable resources everywhere.

Yes, we have manpower everywhere! We can all ride bicycles. No pollution, no noise — just harmony.

We could make school bus turn into bikes, and kids have to pedal to get to school — only the bus driver gets to steer.

The kids would have PE taken care of before they arrive at school.

All trains could be pulled by horses. They could fuel up by eating grass along the way, eliminating all those smoking lawn mowers. For an added benefit, they would also spread natural fertilizer along the way. That’s a win-win for everyone.

Just think of all the jobs created. Blacksmiths would be needed everywhere. Massive bicycle plants would be built to supply everyone with bikes. Not to mention all the needed bicycle repair shops.

Think of the gears it takes for an 18-wheeler bike that someone has to make, maintain and repair. Now that’s jobs.

The only tricky part of this is how many people does it take to pedal an airplane propeller fast enough to take off?

But that just creates more jobs for engineers to figure out.

If all of this is done, Al Gore guarantees the world’s weather will completely stabilize. No more overly hot days, no more blizzards and no more catastrophic hurricanes. Just rainbows and unicorns and milk and honey for everyone. I can’t wait.

Phil Gremillion

farmer, businessman