A recent trip to Florida brought us along Interstate 10 in Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. We have more litter from Baton Rouge's Siegen Lane to the split on I-10 than those three states combined.

Yes, there was litter, but it was being picked up. All three states, at some point, had prisoners out picking up litter. Do not know if they were state or local, but they were red-striped, picking up litter in front of the grasscutters.

Their interstate highways looked beautiful.

I do not think we will be able to stop littering. We have created generations that are given everything, both rich and poor, and respect nothing, including themselves. Case in point: Fly recently, people are flying in their pajamas. Same at the courthouse.

I challenge every business: If you have a building for business, either owned, rented or leased, take 20 minutes a week, a bucket and extended grabbers and pick up the trash around your office. I do so for the whole block and our office is in downtown Baton Rouge. You’d be surprised what you will find and how much of a difference the block looks.

Yes, Louisiana we have a litter problem. The problem: We do not pick it up.


CEO, Louisiana Associated General Contractors

Baton Rouge