"Woke" is the current buzzword. Woke is getting one's information from mainstream media and social media and believing it is truth or fact. Woke people are intellectually lazy and will not bother to go to the source of the subject and then make their conclusion.

The recently passed Georgia voting bill is an example. The whole woke left — mainstream media, CEOs of large corporations like Delta Air Lines, Coke Cola, high tech and even this newspaper's Will Sutton — have denounced the bill as racist and terrible. Obviously, they have not read it or studied it in comparison to voting bills in other states. If they had, their intelligence or sense of fairness is lacking.

I was pleased to see Will Sutton believes that "Most of us agree that voting is a sacred right and responsibility for all U.S. citizens who are 18 years and older." (April 6) Many on the left today believe all residents have a right to vote including illegal immigrants. To allow everyone in the USA to vote disenfranchises real citizens' votes; ballots should be mailed only to citizens on the registered voting list. Proof of citizenship should be required when registering to vote and voter ID should be required when voting


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