The progressive left cannot occupy both sides of a debate although they certainly try often enough.

In the March 31 Advocate, a letter writer attempts to depict the Republican Party as heartless, uncaring for noting the recently "passed recovery bill as too high in cost." The reader asks them to "walk in the shoes of people who have lost their jobs."

However, the Advocate editorial staff published on the very next page the column by Charles Melancon, former Democratic congressman from Louisiana, who notes that Biden's "moratorium on issuing oil and gas leases" has the potential to "threaten thousands of jobs” — "up to 48,000 jobs by 2022," in Louisiana alone.

Sorry, the federal government cannot give away money to its citizens while eliminating the jobs of its citizens who pay the taxes to fund the federal government.


retired shipbuilder


Charlie Melancon: I was a Joe Biden supporter, but question his oil and gas phobia