Several of our national leaders have said that the recent shootings in Chattanooga at our military centers are a heinous crime. And they are correct! A few synonyms for heinous are: wicked, evil, abominable, unspeakable, detestable, despicable — must I go on? It was definitely a demonstration of senseless killings of our own innocent citizens.

But what about abortion? Shouldn’t the murder of an innocent baby who is safely and securely growing within his or her mother’s womb be viewed as a heinous crime? Certainly this kind of behavior borders on “insanity!” Do we need armed guards to protect pregnant women? Why are there no thorough investigations taking place at these abortion facilities (not clinics)? Clinics are the places where we do our best to save lives, not destroy them!

Oh, you may think, our hands are tied because abortion is the “law of the land.” And you would be wrong! Only our elected representatives are granted authority to make laws; our Supreme Court is limited in its scope to the interpretation of law. These parameters are prescribed in our U.S. Constitution. We have fallen into their “trap” again. Different bait, but the same “trap” used in rendering the same-sex marriage decision. Decisions, like interpretations, are only opinions, now law.

Many are hesitant to take a stand against ALL forms of abortion because they have fallen for the lie that “it’s” not a baby until “it” exits the womb. It can be proven medically, beyond a doubt, that at the moment a woman’s egg (ovum) is fertilized by a man’s sperm, a person is present in complete human form. Just because we can’t see the baby yet doesn’t mean that he or she doesn’t exist and should not have the same inalienable rights granted by our Constitution that we do.

The abortionists are not killing these innocent children through self-defense or because somebody, somewhere declared war on unborn babies. They are assassins; they commit “murder for hire.” And, no they don’t actually see the baby they kill until after the crime has been committed. They “see” the baby in the form of many very small body parts that they are now selling on the “black market” for, you guessed it, more money.

Heinous crimes are only going to get worse in our land if we do not return to the foundational and godly principles upon which our country was founded. WAKE UP, AMERICA!

Francis Rinnaudo Jr.

retired dentist

St. Francisville