I urge our representatives in Washington to take a stand against cuts to Medicare Advantage and to allow seniors and individuals with disabilities to continue receiving affordable health care. It’s unfair that these vulnerable groups would be targeted through Obamacare in such a manner. With a grand total of $200 billion in cuts as well as $100 billion in new taxes, these government actions are expected to result in 3 million fewer seniors enrolled. This just does not make sense.

As a Medicare Advantage plan member, I’m quite satisfied with the level of medical services and the capped out-of-pocket expenses that I pay. The additional vision and dental benefits are also very important to me, so it would be a major concern if they’re reduced or eliminated altogether. Under my current plan, a recent operation didn’t cause major financial hardship, and a visit to a specialist costs $30 for me. If benefits go down and expenses go up, I have no idea how I would be able to afford any specialized care that I may need in the future.

I’m sure there are millions of seniors like me who would feel the devastating impact of cuts in the coming years. With the strong possibility of providers leaving the network due to higher costs, good quality, affordable health care would merely become a dream for seniors. It is clear that there are many negative consequences of continued funding cuts to the Advantage program.

What I cannot understand, though, is why the government would want to snatch away this critical component that impacts our very quality of life. I would urge our representatives to help minimize the damage being inflicted on seniors. Please call on Congress to undo the damage on senior citizens through Obamacare.

Billy Brown

retired field engineer