The group that calls itself Louisiana Cajun Militia is referred to in an article in this newspaper dated Sept. 3. How can they presume to use this title? They do not represent the state of Louisiana. They do not represent Cajuns. And it is debatable that they qualify as a militia.

There are groups that represent the state of Louisiana: Louisiana State Police, Louisiana National Guard, LSU Tigers, for example. These armed demonstrators do not qualify as such.

They do not qualify as representatives of the Cajuns of Louisiana. Our Acadian ancestors in Nova Scotia were the exact opposite of armed demonstrators. They did all they could to remain neutral in the continuing wars between France and England. They went so far as to ask the English government to guarantee their ongoing state of neutrality before they would take the oath of allegiance to the Crown. Their other demands, by the way, were the preservation of their French language and their Catholic faith.

As to being a militia, I am afraid they fall short of meeting the definition of militia found in an English dictionary. Any group has the right to bear arms and to assemble peacefully, according to our Constitution. But no group has the right to appropriate to itself a name that shows disrespect for the state and the people they claim to represent.


retired teacher

Baton Rouge

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