The citizens of the unincorporated area of East Baton Rouge Parish have overwhelmingly taken the high road throughout their campaign to form the new city of St. George. It has truly been a grass-roots effort supported by devoted citizens of the area. All they are trying to do is use the democratic process to have some say in their future.

The same cannot be said of the special interest groups that are opposed to the formation of the new city. The opposition is devoted to derailing the democratic process. They have been very creative in their efforts and have used every trick in the book to accomplish their goal.

The BetterTogetherBR campaign obviously is not a grass-roots movement. The funding that was necessary to put together the fabulously expensive mass mailing that I received in the mail has the unmistakable smell of big-money-backed special interest groups. These people want to protect their interest in the status quo at all cost.

Why do they want to prevent the vote? It is obviously because they fear that they cannot prevail if the people of the unincorporated area are allowed to exercise their inalienable right to decide their future. I have now been converted from a lukewarm supporter of the move to a red-hot supporter. I am mad, and I’m not going to take it any more!

Jack Harris

retired engineer

Baton Rouge