On April 25, an editorial in The Advocate launched a blistering attack on U.S. Rep. Clay Higgins detailing why you believe he is unfit and unqualified to comment on the COVID-19 situation.

As part of your proof of this analysis you found it necessary to include his former career as a car salesman, indicating that he somehow doesn’t have the ability to analyze facts or offer opinions and should stick to what he knows, “Fords and Chevys,” as you stated. Is it your position that someone who has worked in sales, particularly car sales, is somehow unqualified to make rational decisions or lead from an elected position?

In making your point you’ve unfairly besmirched the careers and livelihoods of thousands of Louisiana citizens who make their living in professional sales. Car sales, and the men and women who perform in the industry, are just as important as sales professionals who sell technology, insurance, medical equipment or real estate. Should I also mention the ad revenue The Advocate takes in from the successful hard work of car salespeople?

Sales are the backbone of the American economy and should be celebrated, not ridiculed for your political gain. Several studies have proven that the successful work of one salesperson supports directly, and indirectly, the jobs of up to 30 additional people.

These hard-working salespeople will be leading our economic recovery, thus they should celebrated and encouraged. What they do not deserve is to be the unintended casualties of your political war with Higgins. What they do deserve now is your full apology.


director, LSU Professional Sales Institute

Baton Rouge

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