When did the concern for others deteriorate in East Baton Rouge Parish? When did children become invisible?

Should the proposed city of St. George become a reality, some 789 students who live in the city of Baton Rouge and attend schools within the boundaries of the proposed St. George will be displaced. Additionally, 6,209 students who live in the proposed city boundaries of St. George and attend school in the city of Baton Rouge will be displaced. Grandchildren who now have a secure home will suffer.

Ironically, this proposed displacement of students is coming at a time when we are making increasing progress in the magnet system and gifted and talented schools.

The callous disregard for and indifference toward these children has hit a new low. We have become an insensitive, me-first society. The hoped-for benefits of forming a new city are speculative and cannot be guaranteed. Negative unintended consequences would have to be lived with, and our children would be even more negatively impacted as a result.

Jacqueline Greer Bourgeois

retired insurance executive

Baton Rouge