John Bel Edwards

Gov. John Bel Edwards came out a winner in the 2019 Legislature, securing more money for teachers and schools and signing abortion restriction measures.

Dan Fagan did all he could to put his best spin on the governor's race, but it just won’t wash.

No matter how many R’s you put after a candidate's name, two words will make every voter stop and reconsider voting for a candidate simply because of his party affiliation: Bobby Jindal.

Eight years of fiscal and legislative chaos, driven by right-wing orthodoxy, left the electorate exhausted and hungering for anything approaching normalcy.

Ultra-normal John Bel Edwards stepped into the breach. And he has delivered on his promise.

The acceptance of Obamacare and Medicaid expansion plus a modest increase in sales taxes has brought what 40 years of Republican and conservative Democratic leadership failed to do: brought fiscal probity to the state.

The Legislature hardly knew what to do without a looming budget crisis. The Republican gubernatorial candidates have so far failed to do what should have been their first job. They have not convinced me, or any other voter I have talked to, that they are not Bobby Jindal. In fact, from what little I have been able to learn about them, they sound suspiciously like him.

Jeff Landry appears to have read the tea leaves and come to the same conclusion. He is just too much like Jindal to pass muster.

Fagan seems to hold out hope that Democrats and independents will stay away from the polls because of Edwards’ opposition to abortion. This comes from a misreading of the Democratic electorate. True, most are more liberal than the governor, but they are not by and large single-issue voters, and they understand exactly what staying away from the polls would mean: the reelection of Bobby Jindal or a reasonable facsimile there of.

Verne Kennedy's poll on Donald Trump's Louisiana approval rating may be a outlier, but it lends credence to the theory that voters can run out of patience with an executive that is obviously incompetent, no matter how much they may like him personally.

Upsetting the applecart once may be fun. But after a week, its charm dissipates. At this point Trump will probably win the state, but if he continues the same performance day in and day out for the next year, even Louisiana could be in play.

Daniel deLaureal