Drive-through lanes outfitted with pneumatic tubes are provided at the new Lafayette Utilities System and LUS Fiber customer service center on Moss Street Thursday, September 8, 2016, in Lafayette, La. 

Monday’s front-page article by Adam Daigle, Acadiana Advocate business editor, was a wonderful advertisement for higher taxes and expansion of LUS. But, he missed a better solution to the lack of broadband service in Louisiana and in Lafayette, particularly.

My home is proof that 60 megabits per second up and 21 megabits per second down is possible for less than $55/month. (I can provide a screenshot and bills to prove it.)

Last year, my wife and I cut the “cord” completely and signed up for another provider's home internet for $50/month (net of $5 savings for auto-pay).

We no longer pay for “up to 18 Mbps down and 10 up” which, in practice, meant 7-13 down and 0.9-1.8 up.

We no longer suffer weather-related outages of cable internet. We no longer rent boxes. We are no longer bound to 24-month contracts. Nobody tore up our streets to lay “wires.”

We went completely wireless with consistent internet access on a secure, digital system.

In Rayne, with a $75 flat antenna from the hardware store and service, we enjoy 18 over-the-air network channels free plus access to all the streaming services.


retired petroleum engineer