While Republicans might rejoice that they have a majority in the Senate and the House of Representatives, based on the public statements of the likely incoming Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and the new Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner, our great republic is slipping away.

Benjamin Franklin warned us of this more than a couple of centuries ago. Alas, our Republican leaders are already promising to violate their allegiance to the Constitution. It is appalling and incredible.

Gardner said on MSNBC recently, “… there is no time, place or purpose of a government shutdown or default; that’s simply ridiculous and something that a mature governing body doesn’t even contemplate. … We ought to make it very clear that’s simply not acceptable.”

Really? The government has been “shut down” 18 times since the 1970s. Once under Gerald Ford, five times under Jimmy Carter, eight times under Ronald Reagan, once under George H.W. Bush, twice under Bill Clinton and last year under Barack Obama. And not once was there a “default” on the national debt.

Why doesn’t Gardner know that? It’s public history. It may not be perfect, but all we have is the Constitution’s power as spelled out in Article I, Sections 7 and 8, to control a lawless despotic president by denying him cash to spend.

The executive branch is prohibited from spending federal money in any way that is not first approved by Congress. There is nothing “ridiculous” or “nonmature” about the congressional utilization of that “power of the purse.”

Do not let the media or anyone in the government get you worried about a “government shutdown.” It’s a false flag.

A shutdown of the government just forces the Congress and/or the president to re-evaluate their positions and come up with a solution. The feds have hundreds of millions of dollars to pay the monthly debts until they do.


retired history teacher

Baton Rouge