With respect to the Second Amendment, all elected officials, state judges and especially federal judges must consider the following three points in American jurisprudence: intent of the drafters of the Constitution, laws and regulations often cited in court rulings. Surely the drafters of the Second Amendment did not want, nor did they foresee, an environment where far too many citizens use guns to kill, intimidate or force their will on fellow citizens.

All rights in the Constitution have corresponding duties for citizens to exercise rights in a manner to do no wrong to fellow citizens. We have a long history of laws that codify these duties and even allow penalties to be imposed for noncompliance.

Right to life is the most fundamental right. Americans have a right to expect to go about daily routines without fear of losing their lives, being robbed at gunpoint or being threatened by individuals that fail to exercise their duty with respect to gun ownership.

For these reasons, it is imperative that legislatures enact and for the courts to enforce reasonable controls of gun ownership and access to guns and devices that facilitate mass shootings.


retired accountant

New Orleans