Recently, the most amazing event took place. Ten teams from "Hogs for the Cause," whose purpose is to aid families of children with brain cancer, had a benefit for our 7-year-old grandson, Walker. Their annual fundraiser is in March, but they managed to have great food, drinks, tables and chairs, tents, an ice truck and so much more in a matter of days. It was all very professional, and the most generous expression of concern and love for Walker's family.

Our son-in-law leads one of the teams, and Walker's dad has been a member of that crew. All of the men who support and work for "Hogs for the Cause" give unselfishly for families they will never know. They wanted to help one of their own.

We are grateful beyond words for the heartwarming support of all kinds that has been showered upon us by our friends and so many in our wonderful community.

Anne and Don Beery

New Orleans