Eddie Rispone, John Bel Edwards

Eddie Rispone (left) and Gov. John Bel Edwards (right)

Your analysis of the election results for governor of Louisiana has missed an important reason why Eddie Rispone lost the election. State and local elections ultimately concern local issues, especially taxes. An important issue in this election was that Rispone wanted to call a constitutional convention where it seemed that the tax structure of the state would be revised. Rispone made it clear he could not guarantee that the homestead exemption would be retained, and saying it would be deferred to the parishes/cities was a joke.

These entities never saw a tax they did not want. Rispone repeatedly met with businessmen, not always publicly, and failed to discuss any details of his legislative plans. He appeared to be a businessman wanting to get elected to relieve him and his business friends of corporate taxes, while shifting the taxes through income tax and especially homestead taxes onto the individual citizens. This has been a business agenda in this state for some time. In New Orleans, this was especially poorly received due to the anti-tax sentiment caused by the recent increase in home assessments.

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Many ardent Republicans and President Donald Trump supporters voted for John Bel Edwards due to these issues. Better to have a Democrat we can tolerate than an unknown Republican who seemed to want more homestead taxes. Also, since the Legislature now has a supermajority of Republicans, they can serve as a check and balance on the Democratic governor concerning these issues going forward. Are you listening, Republican legislators? Don't continue to cave in to the governor as you did on taxes and crime issues during these last three years.

Legislators who were "not conservative enough" got noticeably replaced in this last election as well.

Susan Weyer

retired physician

New Orleans