Listening to the radio and reading the newspaper (yes, I stop at a store and pay for a paper), I finally realized why people say that Jindal bankrupted the state and how politicians screw up on hypothetical questions about laws.

These people need to go back to grammar school or high school and take or retake (if they ever took it to begin with) social studies or civics classes.

People forget the legislative body in Baton Rouge, or in any branch of the government, is the one that controls the money and passes laws. The governor just signs or vetoes the laws that are passed from the legislative branch of the government.

Under Jindal, none of the money spent could not have been spent unless the House and Senate passed the bill first. So all Jindal did was sign the bills (laws) that lawmakers, including then-state Rep. John Bel Edwards, approved while in the state Legislature.

The governor cannot spend any money unless the House and Senate approves it. They can also override a veto. So when you place blame on somebody, make sure you get all parties involved.

Kenneth Clemons

l oss prevention rep