Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed the bill which would have restricted transgender women (biological males) from competing with females in sports in Louisiana schools.

One of the reasons was that it would discriminate against transgender women. That is about .001% of the school-age members in the population. There are sports in which biological males can participate. By this veto Edwards is discriminating against 50% of the school-age children (biological females). Another reason he gave was that there were no such cases in Louisiana.

Transgender girls/women (actually biological males) have a physical advantage over biological females in most sports. God created them differently.

The fact that there may be no cases presently in Louisiana does not mean that there won't be cases in the upcoming school session.

Common sense has left the governor's administration. Edwards is proving he is part of the woke, progressive, socialist democrat agenda. This veto says "God does not determine gender, the government does" and that natural law is usurped by Marxist governments. Wake up, Louisiana!


retired educator