The primary goal of a republican, defined as one who favors a republic, is to preserve our republic.

Violent insurrection is a direct threat to the republic. Members of the party named “Republican” who support a president that threatens the republic by inciting such action are not republican in ideology — they are Republicans in name only, or RINOs. A true republican must prevent the precedent of allowing illegal, unconstitutional direct threats to our republic to go unpunished or it would encourage future threats to the republic.

Our Republican congressmen, by their votes, will tell us whether they are loyal to our republic or to the anti-republican leader of their party. Some will be fearful of upsetting the president’s supporters, so republican voters should let them know it’s OK to put country before their devotion to the RINO president.

Make Republicans great again. Make it the party that believes in adhering to and honoring the Constitution, thus preserving our republic.


retired engineer

Baton Rouge