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Three buildings near the corner of Canal and Rampart streets in downtown New Orleans may be demolished as part of the demolition of the ill-fated Hard Rock Hotel development. 

As a partner in a historic set of Canal Street buildings in New Orleans, I must question the consideration of demolishing buildings adjacent to the Hard Rock Hotel.

A city’s image is defined by its downtown. My family has been able to keep our buildings intact and to continue the great historic identity of our city. Once again, as we do renovations, we are enhancing our buildings in accord with their history. You can do almost anything if you are willing to spend the money to do so. There is a price for the know-how to demolish the Hard Rock Hotel safely without destroying more historic buildings. You might have to demolish it brick by brick, but it can be done. The lower floors appear to be very solid concrete slabs about one foot thick and strong enough to hold many cars in the garage.

Spend the money and save our irreplaceable history.

David Rubenstein


New Orleans

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