In response to James B. Bollinger’s letter on July 20, I would suspect that most readers find his sophistry disappointing, unlike the letter from U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy, R-Baton Rouge, which prompted Bollinger’s letter. The class envy sowed by the Democratic Party has obviously found fertile ground in the mind of the writer.

In his letter, statements like, “Free-market capitalism is not what built America’s prosperity,” and this gem, “Keeping jobs at home requires eliminating a good deal of free enterprise” should give indication of the writer’s socialist ideas.

Rep. Cassidy was correct in pointing out the increase in government spending is the problem. Our unfunded entitlement programs are not sustainable on the current path and, without corrections, will be the downfall of America. When 4 percent of Americans pay 50 percent of the tax burden and 42 percent of government spending requires new debt, maybe we should question the integrity of the federal government and not the wealthy or corporations.

Examples abound demonstrating that free enterprise mixed with American exceptionalism and hard work leads to prosperity and is at the core of our national success. The economic pie is not fixed, but will grow if government gets out of the way.

Most of the wealthy in our nation worked tirelessly and risked much to achieve success. I, for one, will not demonize those who pay taxes, create jobs and give back to the community. Our government spends far more on welfare than on education; would a reasonable individual conclude this trend will result in more uneducated citizens dependent on the government or hardworking taxpayers striving for success in the marketplace?

Bollinger even had the gall to use a quote from the Bible; well, I have a quote for him: “Lean not on your own understanding.”

Darrell Daigle

expense analyst

Baton Rouge